Sunday March 11, 2018 update:

These mofos MUST be in the pocket of the god damned  police in this garrison town! Why, ‘cause they’ve made millions of dollars (do the math) ‘cause they’ve been slingin with impunity for years here..

A few weeks after I wrote this asking What’s Legal, (cloud 9 et al), sure enough they were “raided” shut down, then reopened like nothin goin on. still gets daily text blasts, from them, this is how we know!

Original article follows:

With California allowing recreational cannabis sales starting in two weeks, how are we the average herb consumer, going to know what we are buying is “legal” and safe?

With this in mind we will start asking direct questions from shops or compare with what we hear from the “msm”

Legal or No?

San Diego Natural

8530 Nelson Way, Escondido legal 🔥🎄

La Mesa:

Legal Greens

Recently moved. Probably police (see Planet Greens)

130 Washington

Cloud Nine

recently moved to 445 WEST DOUGLAS AVE EL CAJON CA 92020 🔥Legal status unknown

Greener Side Wellness

“Call for address” what does that tell you?

619 508 5171

——- We posted the following a couple days back on cloud nines  FB page. Still  Waiting for response....(see March 11, 2018 update at top)

Is Cloud Nine in San Diego a LEGAL herb shop? Are you city or state licensed? Do you test for pesticides? wants to know. 🔥🌲💚🙏☮🙏🏿

Only a few San Diego County herb shops ARE legal

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