December 20, 2014, 7:08 p.m.

Wright dismantled Lawrences claim that the marijuana operation was nonprofit.

The judge said emails between Kleinman and his business partner showed they were planning to net $194,000 each a month.

via LA Times - For drug crime defendants, sentencing can be a crapshoot.


HFN editor's note: two hundred thousand dollars per month profit is not a whole lot these days, for one herb shop in the "right location" with the right political connections. For example, the folks at 1150 garnet in the San Diego neighborhood of Pacific Beach (PB) calling themselves San Diego Holistic (these days), it has had many names since 2009 when I first started "following" them.

We estimate they bring in one to two thousand dollars profit per hour. You do the math. From just this location, not counting "delivery". All while dudes like Klienman, king-pin that he appears to be (to us), go down hard. Maybe he needed to call Jeff Lake?. His "clients" pay relatively small fines and don't do time... in the DMZ hard on the border with Mexico Ablaze. Even crooked lawyers caught red handed with piles of money get off with small fines and no time, just look at his buddy Lawyer Warner!

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