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Dirt Worship

Is the belief system that land is more valuable than life itself. It’s practiced unwittingly by many people of the book, while others know they are haters and don’t care.

Their concept of God is as mean old man. A horrific dude if you read the texts they purport are straight out of heaven, from His Mouth.

who? The Abrahamic religions, all three.

It started with Moses, according to them.

The world was flat in those days. hardly anybody could read, and women were property, chattel.

Slavery was all good, He said so.

Killing pleased Him. From little birds to sheep and humans, God loved his killing.

Look at what humans who follow these religions do. Not what they say.

We Call bullshit on flat world religions.

Abolish the shit, and let them eat cake, at their football games instead!

Guns football & Jesus / Moses this is Americas true faith, it’s state religion.


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