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Lepp’s Still reflecting as an ONAC – WTH? | kmnews

Many of our supporters  are reaching out and asking the question, why is Heidi Lepp still publicly reflecting herself as being involved with ONAC

Now, for those of you who haven't been aware of it, Heidi Lepp as well as her so called husband and "church" were officially severed from Oklevueha since July 27th 2017. At that time, not only were they completely Excommunicated from ONAC but too, their so called church "Sugarleaf Rasta Church" was completely denounced and Dissolved of the only valid authority and credential that it had, which was Oklevueha. Then they were TOLD by ONAC officials that they were to immediately cease and desist from publicly reflecting themselves as having any form of relationship or associationship with ONAC once-so-ever. As you can see over one year later, not to mention one shooting death later, Lepp still misrepresents herself as being "Executive Director" of ONAC and too she Still claims the position of "Secretary" within THSI too, which hasn't been true since they too stopped her from reflecting as their organization while she does illegal and dishonorable things such as she is lying here on her social media.

Source: Lepp's Still reflecting as an ONAC - WTH? | kmnews

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