Peace Now!

Letter to the church @ DC


Here we are , kicking it on the left coast, while you all are doing Her Work, in the nations capital, waiting on the Roman Pope to arrive. He's coming from Cuba this week, to meet President Obama, in the 'hood without a state, the District Of Columbia.

Blessed be the Herb Folks gathered in the name of Peace. God the mother sends you cosmic hugs. Blaze on!

Millions around the world today are fleeing violence, in the countries of their birth. This is the largest forced migration of humanity since WWII, portends what? Something good, or bad?

This human tragedy was created by the people of the book.

So called religious conflicts are bullshit. This is where our hearts must dwell, with the poor and downtrodden,  the rest is chaff.

How should we roll then?

With AHIMSA in our hearts, and herb in our lungs, and on our plates. Givin thanks.

stay tuned grasshoppers. This is the week.

The least rev grandpa Dale

Author Since: Dec 04, 2013

I am an adult herb lover who craves peace.

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