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Limitless Care Collective: Pacific Beach’s Newest Brick & Mortar Herb Shop (the only one with balls enough to list their address)

1737 Garnet ave, Pacific Beach, Ca 92109
I first saw them in a San Diego Reader add, this week. guess I might roll by…. this is the spot in the alley off Garnet that Left Coast Collective used to occupy, if memory serves.
They were cool, got closed by the city, and run a delivery service, nowadays, btw. find ’em on weedmaps.com with the rest, if you please.
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  1. shopped at the pacific beach collectives newest spot and hooked up some dank ass bud. Melisa is a real doll and served me proper!!

  2. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.10news.com/2295077019/san-diego-left-coast-collective-marijuana-delivery-arrests.html
    Summer 2017 LCC update
    Twelve employees, including delivery drivers, were arrested and issued citations for operating a business without a license and sales of marijuana, police said in a statement.

    Approximately 41 pounds of marijuana was found at Left Coast Collective on the 3400 block of Kurtz Street. The police also found:

    8,000 edibles and concentrated cannabis
    Indoor marijuana grow containing more than 100 marijuana plants
    $5,600 cash

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