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A devoted cannabis warrior Jack Herer unwaveringly believed that the cannabis plant, a renewable source of fuel, food and medicine, should be legal to grow and consume.
When Jack Herer spoke about hemp, everyone listened. He was outwardly dismayed with the US government, which he said hid the facts from American citizens. His book The Emperor Wears No Clothes was originally published in 1985 in order to make this unknown information widely available. It became the seminal book on the history of hemp and marijuana prohibition.
Jack wanted this information to be available to everyone, so he published the text of the book here on the internet for free. Now in its 11th edition, this book is considered the “Bible” of cannabis facts, and continues to be used as an essential research tool and catalyst in the advocacy to decriminalize cannabis. Everyone in the know has heard of it, read it, shared it, or referred to it in the debate over the merits of this plant. In fact, many of the most widely circulated arguments touting the benefits of cannabis entered the cultural consciousness with Jack’s book. He soon earned the nickname “The Hemperor.”

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Did Jack Herer smoke tobacco like many of his contemporaries?
Does it matter? Just asking....
Word is he was into “magic” mushrooms for many years; he had somehow made a connection between ‘shrooms and the Bible/Torah/Flatword-Crap. Nonsense in my humble opinion, as it’s “origins” are highly dubious, “Judaism”. Highly.

🔥 Let’s be clear folks he wasn’t no saint. He was just a pretty cool dude. In a strange time. Whatever, the fact is Moses did not exist. ever. Moses is bullshit.
Moses/Abe/ Mohammed/Jesus/Joe Smith et al is simply a scam. Wikipedia that shit; Moses is a legendary figure.
It’s all nonsense.
Made the hell up. No woman ever gave birth without fucking first, what’s wrong with you, do you believe in science?
One of Jacks friends recently told me personally, Jack dosed children with mushrooms (she was supposedly there); not everything is clear, the past is the past and we are here now.
praise Jack?
What would Jack say about the Heddy Show (Us government sponsored “church“ involved in commerce, guns, and bogus lawsuits.)
👮👮👮👮👮 See Sugarleaf Rasta Church, google that shit.

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