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The Strange Case of Heidi Grossman Lepp

October 4, 2017

What's being unregistered by associates who Believe they have some sort of legal protection in California by some authority under Sugarleaf Rasta Church, it's important that you know and really understand that you do NOT, if Anything is learned from this article let it please be that because we don't want to see anyone whose sincerely innocent to go down with and because of your trust in them.

Now, having said that, let us now turn to a couple new articles covering the Sugarleaf mess of California.


In the article we learn that  they have actually spoken with a few sources of their own who confirm the church selling scam and how Dangerous they are when it comes to getting what they want.

One source told them the following: "I was with them when they set up churches. For the most part, not nice folks. Black marketers that wanted a way around the laws. It cost $10k per church for a half-acre grow site. Another $35k for a sanctuary center (dispensary) and a 10% tithe paid to Eddy and Heidi for 'protection' from the government. They set up a lot of them. It could've helped so many people, but ego took over. Mercedes, clothes, you know the drill."


Lepp, Heidi Carol inmate status

Released oct 5, 2017 
Heidi “Grossman” Lepp Bailed Out?.....


Heidi Grossman-Lepp, wife of marijuana activist Eddy Lepp, was arrested on Oct. 3 by the Yuba County Sheriff's Office on charges of producing and cultivating marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and suspicion of conspiracy. Grossman-Lepp is founder and CEO of the Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church of Cannabis Love, where marijuana was cultivated at numerous locations in Yuba and Sacramento counties in Northern Califiornia.
The authorities raided 12 properties in Sacramento, Marysville, Oregon House, Dobbins, Brownsville and Brown Valley. Fifteen hundred pots plants, five pounds of dried marijuana, $21,000 and eight guns were seized during the raids. Grossman-Lepp is being held in at Sacramento County Jail without bail. Seventeen other people were also busted.

Grossman and Lepp in happier times.
Six months after Eddy Lepp was released from federal prison last December, he and and Grossman married. By then, Grossman had started selling churches ...

Source: More coverage on Grossman arrest | news-and-current-aff


Herb Folks Editors Note: this shit makes me sick.💚it wears on my soul.

For many months I’ve wondered what would become of Eddy Lepp in league with Heidi whoever she is today Lepp. Like when she advertised on FB for 20 lbs of herb (or was it 200 honestly I don’t recall the precise weight). She was openly acting the fool (or was it intentional, purposeful), while eddy still had an ankle bracelet on, this spring. That was just one tiny obvious glaring example.  All while the two of them created the Heddy Show, sucking in a large part of the cannabis movement (nay industry) even getting the High Times Achievement Award this summer in Santa Rosa.

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