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January 27, 2018
As you've likely noticed, we've been a bit busy around Kautantowit's Mecautea lately, and we know there's many inquiries as to why and what we're up to, and too, why the newsroom has slowed down on our reports. Please bare with us as soon enough in it's proper timing all Will be revealed, however, some things need a quick time-out from responsibility to be addressed and made known, and this morning proves to be one of those times, so here we are.

Word came in that there's an organization outta Southern California who are doing their jobs as front-line cannabis warriors in continuing to weed out the trash from our beloved cannabis family and we want them to know we are proud of their courageous efforts. We cannot have a healthy garden until we first rid it and us from the mites. And so we share with you their noble efforts.


Reverend Charles Eddy Lepp is NOT a hero to cannabis or our community, nor is his "Wife" and neither one of them seem to show any sort of integrity or honor at all... they are con artists, lairs and thieves and any who can't see that are a damned fool, in Our opinion anyway.

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