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Cannabis Program | The City of Portland, Oregon

Promote the common good. Cannabis Program Blog. Cannabis Program Blog. Aug. 8, 2018 – Portland Cannabis Grants Awarded

What’s the best value for the finest herb in America? Today. OG 18 and Wedding Cake are two. At Nectar in Portland. 🌲🔥👄

Nectar – Hall Blvd  — Map
OPEN NOW  — closes at 10:00 PM
8705 SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton, OR✌️

Here’s where to get the best pot in Portland.  by Lauren Yoshiko

Published 2 months ago

on July 11, 2018

Virtue Supply Co.
NW Pearl District
A Down-to-Earth Gem in the Heart of High-End Portland

SE Hawthorne
The Scientific Shop That’s Changing the Way We Buy Cannabis

Oregon’s Finest
NW Pearl District and Inner Southeast
The Varsity Megashop With Something(s) For Everyone


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Bridge City Collective
North Williams and Inner Southeast
Hometown Heroes, Through Thick and Thin

When Bridge City Collective’s first location opened in 2014 on N. Williams, the street was a quiet stretch of rundown Victorians and shuttered convenience stores. Four years later, they’re about the only thing left unchanged in this vortex of Portlandia gentrification. The North location is a beacon of chill amidst new, unaffordable apartment buildings and hyped eateries, and in either up-and-coming neighborhood, BCC has crafted a cozy, sincere Portland aesthetic with hand-painted murals covering reception walls and a concise selection of local brands. Evolvd vape cartridges come in half and full grams of flavorful blends like OG Green Tea and the balanced CBD-THC Lavender Trinity, along with locally-grown buds of Dawgwalker Cookies and Jack Herer.

The 10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland, Oregon

Courtesy of Jeffrey’s Flower & Oil


North Overlook
The Bougiest Bodega & Bud Shop

The majority of dispensaries answer to consumers’ most base impulses: the biggest bang for the cheapest buck. High-THC products and lots of pre-rolls for those who want to walk out with something for less than $10. Jeffrey’s bet on the customers looking for a different kind of value, adding a boutique mini-market to their budroom. Now you can knock a Whole Foods trip off the to-do list while picking up an eighth of Grapefruit by TKO Reserve and a cinnamon, chili and cannabis-infused Mexican chocolate bar by Leif Goods. Next to a massive selection of notable farmers, edibles, and concentrates, they carry locally-cured salami by Olympic Provisions, hunks of artisan cheese and an assortment of Haribo candies.