Wednesday May 24, 2017 NEWSFLASH Jeff Lake’s “protege” Jessica Mcelfresh, has been arrested. For herb “crimes”; it’s a fascinating turn of events, with lots of moving parts. Jeff Lake gets off scott free.

Alleged Head of Illegal SD Marijuana Hash Oil Operation Faces Felony Charges

Make America Grape Again!

GDP For All!

– what’s the status of Russian FBI interference in US elections?
– where is New Law requiring Tax returns for elected office including POTUS?
– where is bill to Eliminate Electoral College (aka Trump univ)?
Eff the rest this is the nut of it!
It’s Time To Get Our Gandhi On!

  San Diego Local Herb Shop Status report: 

9 spots are serving qualified medical patients.
TORREY HOLISTICS at 10671 Roselle St. in Torrey Pines/Sorrento  is the farthest north in the county

The other legal dispensaries are:

  1. 3703 Camino del Rio South in Mission Valley
  2. 2335 Roll Drive in Otay Mesa
  3. 3452 Hancock St. in the Midway District
  4. 658 E. San Ysidro Blvd.
  5. 2405 Harbor Drive in Barrio Logan
  6. 7128 Miramar Road in Mira Mesa
  7. 5125 Convoy St. in Kearny Mesa
  8. ?
  9. Urbn Leaf

Studies show that #cannabinoids found in the #marijuana plant actually protect your #lungs, and relieve the constriction and discomfort of #asthma.
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How did we get into this mess, peace mongers?


Considering the silly  flatworld  myths and all… Hate is bred into them under the guise of  “God said”. Slavery was legal once, too, they taught the world is flat, and women could not vote. These are the good old days Trumpkins pine for.

Where do we start, with Moses? Or Mo, the warrior? How about the virgin Mary? The only woman who ever lived to conceive a child without sex? Such a load of crap; seventy some percent of us believe it. Seriously its this kind of thinking which gets a lot of people killed. Guns and Jesus don’t mix well.

Why do you wage war instead of peace, if indeed America is a city on a hill? Sup with the Christian fascination with killing, for God?

Because we are not. A city on a hill, a shining example for the world to emulate. God ,ain’t on our side. 

John the effing baptist


God Speaks In The Now


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