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Stephen King to Trump: “Jesus, man.”

How The Khashoggi Scandal Looks When You’ve Been Bombed By Saudi Arabia
Jared Kushner ‘Deeply Involved’ In W.H. Response To Khashoggi’s Disappearance

“Shit went awry”

awry: Turned or twisted toward one side; crooked, distorted, out of place.

The great religions have always been a part of the great game because religion is the oldest and strongest mind control on earth, created to anoint kings and popes with the power to wage war, the world’s biggest profit machine. So religion was created to make profit, not to bring enlightenment. If you want a taste of enlightenment, first you must penetrate the great game…
“religion was created to make profit, not to bring enlightenment”

 🔥🌲 Strike ?

Dumb Donny said It’s disgusting the press can write whatever it wants. No Donald YOU are disgusting; you are the ultimate Russian Troll, Putin’s tool. 🔥

Armageddon or HerbAGettin ?

What States Can I Home Grow Cannabis In? Part 3. 
Written by Heather Ritchie
A publication catering to the science enthused professional with daily cannabis news, research, and opinions.
Continuing on, we’re finishing up our discussion on the states where you can home grow cannabis.
New Mexico
Patients that qualify may obtain a license to grow their own medicinal cannabis. They may cultivate up to twelve seedlings and four mature plants. The license must be kept near the cultivation area.
Oregonians, 21 years of age and older, may have four plants per residence. Registered patients may have six mature plants. These plants can only be grown at a registered cultivation site. Oregon Medical Marijuana Program growers and caregivers may not grow cannabis for more than four patients at a time. They can only grow six plants per patient.
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Medicinal Cannabis is Spiritual  by design, you can’t separate the two qualities. It’s perfect.. We wage peace, through cannabis and understanding!

‘Another gross day in the history of our country’:

Herb Folks: United By The Plant > We Are The Herb Folks 🔥

The Potlander : Willamette Week


Mikey Pence was selected by Paul Manafort (read that Putin) to be 46. He’s selling Armageddon.

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