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Scott Bates On “the Holy Roman Empire” 👁

Scott Bates added 11 new photos.
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The Romans crucified Christ and fed Christ’s followers to lions and killed them for sport for four hundred years. Then as their political empire imploded, they co-opted the followers of Christ, inserting false doctrines and dogmas antithetical to Christ’s teachings, and bartering away truth to absorb the mystery cults of the day.

They invented, installed and controlled all european monarchies through the Holy Roman Empire, bred into all Royal families and maintained their stranglehold on humanity. Rome was long the seat of Spiritual wickedness in high places but the Catholic Church and Vatican city formalized and focalized the seat of evil on earth.

They used to pretend but now they have clearly ceased to give a fuck. The Pope speaks from the mouth of a Serpent before a macabre altar of evil that is is horrifying homage to death that depicts Christ as a Serpent.

As if child trafficking, ritual murder, sexual abuse, kidnapping and claiming to be an intermediary between mankind and the Creator were not enough to clue you in they have really come out of the Pure evil closet now. you can’t even make this shit up and anyone who doesn’t know the truth is braindead or complicit.

May the light of truth dispel all darkness and may all people unite against the forces of darkness who mean us all harm.

👀(I don’t agree with all of the opinions in these links but the pictures speak for themselves)

The Dark Secrets Behind The Pope’s Audience Hall (It’s a Giant Reptilian)

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