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Pappas “staff” lies about practicing law October 25, 2017 

It's really kinda funny in a way, watching a grown man his age Lying to the world about being an active attorney and then hiding like a caught little child who had a cookie before dinner and don't want to fess up to it. This is a pattern too often seen played by attorney, or should we say Suspended Attorney Matthew Scott Pappas.

The personal facebook page once again has vanished, for how long this time who knows, but on one of the pages left of Matt Pappas is the "public figure" page titled: "Matthew Pappas, Civil Rights Attorney", here is a link to it in case you're interested:

When we ask the simple question "When did Pappas actually rep a case to it's end In a courtroom" all asked even Hours after saying they would look for one has Yet to produce one. Some believed that Pappas saw the Santa Ana dispensary case all the way through to the end, beings he boasts of that victory so much, but sources say that Pappas did Not rep the case in court, that he had Jennifer McGrath rep the cae in court in his place and then magically re-emerged in time for the media to cover it's win... we know, Wow right!

As always we Thank you for your continued interest and support, please stay tuned for future updates.

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