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Q&A: Medical Marijuana Advocate Talks About Hawaii’s New Dispensary Law – Civil Beat

“Feisty” isn’t a word that can properly contain my friend Brian Shaughnessy. He’s a 56-year-old, red-headed Irishman, lawyer, writer, dad-of-a-special-needs-Hawaiian son, widower and medical marijuana advocate. Brian is also a quadriplegic. He awoke paralyzed due to spinal surgery complications in 1983. Which hasn’t stopped Brian at all. He gets more done on four wheels in a day than I do on two legs in a year: getting a law degree, writing his story “The Squeaky Wheel: An Unauthorized Autobiography” and going on a national book tour — plus doggedly advocating for patient access and medical cannabis reform in Hawaii these past 15 years. Lawyer and medical marijuana advocate Brian Shaughnessy. Brian Shaughnessy Now that Hawaii is about to have marijuana dispensaries and an easy, safe way for patients to buy their medicine, I wanted to see if my friend was in a celebratory mood. I visited Brian at his apartment/Beatles shrine, which he shares with his 13-year-old son, Amadeus. I had met Amadeus last year, when he and his dad starred in the two-man play “Homage to Amy” that Brian wrote about his life in a wheelchair, the death of his wife and the boy’s mother at age 45 and his own patient’s rights advocacy. I know, it sounds hilarious! But it actually was. Brian is a barrel of laughs and a bucket of tears. In “The Squeaky Wheel,” you wrote about the surgery in 1983 that damaged your spine, resulting in your becoming quadriplegic. How did you discover cannabis could help? ...

Source: Q&A: Medical Marijuana Advocate Talks About Hawaii's New Dispensary Law - Civil Beat

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