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hello Herb Lovers & Peace Mongers

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got truth?

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Why Cannabis?

the sacred plant induces peace in most sane folks, and many insane as well

Food, fuel, fiber, and loving.
Cannabis enhances our lives

After Legalization, Californians Are Still Buying Black-Market Weed



  • the sacred plant cannabis is one of the greatest gifts of the Creator, the Life Force
  • people are more vital and important than corporations
  • war is inherently bad
  • peace is good


  • we must increase the peace with herb & compassion
  • we are dedicated to the magic plant cannabis and all Her(b) Folks

Land or life

Actually, the first amendment is for all American citizens. Not just Mormons Catholics Moonies baptists and the rest; i am just as much a native of North America as a Comanche.



read books !

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