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The First Amendment is for all Americans, it’s our birthright.  By engaging the true beauty of the plant, herb folks enhance the peace of the planet. 

Medicinal Cannabis is Spiritual  by design, you can’t separate the two qualities. It’s perfect.. We wage peace, through cannabis and understanding!

Flow Kana farm 

 We pride ourselves on being the first sustainable, sungrown cannabis company to embrace the small, independent farm ecosystem. We partner with, and give scale to, craft farmers in Northern California and values-aligned brands who honor beyond-organic farming practices.

Marijuana Is Not a Holy Sacrament, Rules Indiana Judge …

The First Church of Cannabis has been left disappointed after the organization’s bid to have its use of marijuana recognized under Indiana religious freedom laws as a religious sacramentwas …

Fish Head Farms is a fully OMRI listed organic company that produces Fish Sh!t 

Let’s recap shall we?
Everyone in the US has the right to choose their own faith, and worship as they choose.
Yet they tax us, jail us, regulate us, without representation, today in the land of our forebears.
While they run the scam of scams on us, with our money. All to get in on Jesus return, cause you know he’s gonna drop from the sky and make everything all right, as long as we pay our fees and stfu about our religious beliefs. Like “war is fucked up”, and “feed your neighbor as yourself”… shit like that just pisses them off, cause they don’t profit from it, and besides that, they’ve got their tobacco football booze and guns, that’s enough, right? Cause Moses said… 🐷🤡👿💲
Naw, eff them.