…its no secret: the magic plant induces peace!
so we call it the Holy Herb


Cannabis, sacrament

  • We believe you can’t separate the spiritual from the medicinal, qualities of the magic plant cannabis..
  • As such, we invoke our (U.S.) First Amendment right to blaze, eat, wear, or do anything else we choose with, our most holy herb

Winter ’17 update

Mankind Cooperative has risen to take the Top Spot in San Diego.

Torrey Holistics joined the few city sanctioned herb shops in New Berlin this past spring. They are very cool. However they don’t offer enough quality herb at affordable pricing, almost all of it is over priced. 

None of the brick and mortar, or delivery services, are testing all of their products for herbicides, pesticides, or chemical additives. Some test a bit, though not all, of their cannabis products. Its the wild west, still. 

Cannabis Delivery.. is available. Mostly sketch, for now.

There are at least 150 other “weed shops” operating in the grey zone, primarily delivery “services”, here in San Diego, ca.

OC: New Berlin’s Neighbor To The North has a similar mix of good and bad, legal and illegal.

Once this settles down the “market” will adjust, until then, don’t believe everything you read, and don’t listen to the Weed Merchants among us, the Money Changers In The Temple. Like ARMA, NORML, & ASA.

The top “Legal” Herb Spots in California as of January 19, 2017
LA Apothecary420

San Diego Mankind Cooperative

San Jose Purple Lotus Patient Center

The Purple Lotus has daily deals unlike any in the state we are aware of. They actually care about the client, us, real herb folks. And that’s sayin a lot. Om? Om!

Who else should be on this list grasshopper? Tell us please, this ain’t about commerce.



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