Source: San Diego Norml

San Diego Norml is NOT a 501(c)(3) under
federal tax guidelines.”

This is from their website!

…. we suppose its because they are a business, not activists. The “marijuana laws” generate business for the Lawyers who run it. simple! It’s about the Benjamins.

It ain’t marijuana, or weed. Its our sacrament, medicine, fuel, food and more.

grandpa Dale


  1. NORML chapters are usually 501(c)4’s instead of c3’s so that we can do more political activism (for which donations are not tax deductible).
    — the above does not explain or excuse San Diego NORML, lady they are a crime scene, there is no normal NORML in New Berlin, do your reasearch, we have! They ain’t a non profit of any sort.
    Herb Folks Nation editor

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