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San Diego pot shop law criticized

Frustrated Planning Commission wants workshop to discuss possible changes....and Quiroz said Thursday she considers the sixth dispensary in line for District 6, Glass Tek at 9212 Mira Este Court, “by far the best” applicant.

Source: San Diego pot shop law criticized


HFN editor's note: Who the HELL Are ALL These People? Exactly Who? Where did they get their money, who represents them and who do they represent.

Many are the same people who've been working with the federal government to undermine our medicinal and spiritual rights to use cannabis as medicine, or sacrament, in America's Finest City. You know, in those "sealed cases" there is never any follow up on in "the media".

Yes, they are, the very same scum. The ones Lake and company front for.

This is why we are IN the herb information business in the garrison town.

Here's how a long time "insider" put it to me this week: "there's this lawyer who for 100k can get you a license to sell weed in this city", which explains why there is never any meat on the bone, reporting-wise, as regards medical cannabis license's. With the way it is now, selling medical "marijuana" here is just another monopolistic mafia type scam, you are not fooling anybody "San Diego".

Consider these four attorneys the Union Tribune shilled for a few years back. And take a look at who the leading "activists" were and who they are buddy buddy with.

Back then, they were fronting for NORML, ASA, and most of their "clients", in the weed business's posing as "non profit collectives". Not much has changed, if you are paying attention. We have little safe access, and these folks are making bank.

Maybe once the investigators obtain the city attorney's "hidden emails to agent D", (Goldsmith's Federal Agent Friend at ARMA).

We got you mofo's, we get it. This is still and always will be, a federally occupied zone. Unless regular herb folks wake up and actually use their minds, here in the DMZ!

Still not convinced? Consider this massive trail of legal breadcrumbs (and sealed "dead ends"), grasshopper, and tell me again ts all good in the 'hood, in "San Diego".

This is why "delivery" services abound, and scummy little unregulated slingers are selling god knows what as medicine. They keeping selling millions of dollars worth of "wax" to any dabber who has the 50 bucks a gram to spend, blowing up houses in our neighborhoods, but the status quo must be maintained, the money must flow to the lawyers and gangs, and we must accept it.

This outpost is barren, and its people are too weak minded to do anything about it. Mostly, except for a few of you. Good luck!

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