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San Diego Reader “MMJ Reporter” Responds Meekly, Weakly, To Pandering Charges: HFN Exclusive

Two weeks before the San Diego City Council is set to discuss a new medical marijuana ordinance, the Code Enforcement department, under the direction of city attorney Jan Goldsmith, remains poised to shut down and file...

Herb Folks

More slop from Dorian..... from the title, through to the "conclusion" its full of errors, laziness, and outright lies.

The "story" is one of unequal application of the law, plain and simple. You must think we all are stupid, lazy, or too stoned to see past the façade you maintain, that we are actually living under the rule of law.SanDiegoReader: We challenge you to do ONE COMPLETE ACCURATE story on medical cannabis in the city hard on the border with Mexico Ablaze once called San Diego. New Berliners, wake up and smell the herb.

Well folks, its about time somebody over at the faux newspaper cum Add Rag responded...

Here's a bit from the person "responsible" for reporting on medical cannabis, code enforcement et al:

Dorian Hargrove Wow. You are on a roll with the attacks. Do you not think it important to report on issues such as code enforcement searching the internet for collectives? If you have a tip, send it over and I can look into it. If not, relax. Go elsewhere to read your news or report it yourself. Leave my name and the insults out.
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  • Herb Folks I GOT YOUR ATTENTION! good. Now, before I read whatever you have to say (eYe and I WILL read it later), are you prepared to do your job? Do you need help, or do you have enough information (and incentive) to excel?  Bless you & om out (for now).

    No hard feelings, I am a bit brutish when defending my folks, I am but a simple old herb lover after all, a human.

    People are more important and vital than corporations. Wage peace through cannabis and understanding, using Ahimsa Gandhi style. om peace aMen

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Four Attorney's Shillin' For Who?

Four S.D. lawyers focus on medical marijuana law Page 1 of 2 |

The UT posted this fluff piece about folks we call lawyer-liars, three years ago. The (the UT staff and editor) did not question their qualifications, or dig into their backgrounds. More UT-Tripe, the way we herb folks see it.

The thousands of sick and dying folks in this garrison town deserve better reporting, better treatment, than this junk the Main-Street-Media hustle for their corporate masters. We answer to a higher power, so, help us god.

Nine Thirty Six Garnet

October 2, 2014 update

Its coming together. Or is it? John Nobel, Randy Welty, and Craig Beresh have been involved in ongoing ‘weed’ related businesses at 936 Garnet and beyond, ad infinitum. The game continues. I dropped in and lo and behold, legal documents from the local government are plastered all over the front door. Stuff nobody reads or cares about. Naming names. Get a clue, Dorian! What do your masters pay you for anyway, get off your ass and drive over to the locations you “report on” so tamely. Grow a pair or resign, dude.

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I am an adult herb lover who craves peace.

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