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Saudi Arabia declares online satire punishable offence

Source: Saudi Arabia declares online satire punishable

clown prince sucks camel dick

MECCA, Saudi Arabia — Wahhabists host the annual hajj pilgrimage

The Kingdom was drawn on the world map by Brits and their minions less than a hundred years ago. It’s a butthole nation.

These assholes practice an extreme form of Islam called Wahhabism. Two thousand men in dresses with the same last name “own” the country. They import huge numbers of workers to do all the manual labor in the kingdom. Women can’t drive cars, in this made up country. They can’t leave their home without blankets covering all their skin, when their man says they can. 

the HAJJ: it’s a mandatory ceremony requiring all Muslims to save up their money for a trip here, where they walk around a big black cube and say some special shit, ‘cause you know, god said. Kinda like the “requirement” the Jews had to go to the big round up at their HQ “temple”. Hmm, how much of this crap was copied from the Jews again, beginning with Moses? –  Grandpa Dale ✌️

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