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Saudi Arabia Is A Made Up Country Like Disneyland With Burqas & Virtual Slaves Wiping Their Asses

The Kingdom was drawn on the world map by Brits and their minions less than a hundred years ago.

These assholes practice an extreme form of Islam called Wahhabism. Two thousand men in dresses with the same last name "own" the country. They import huge numbers of workers to do all the manual labor in the kingdom. Women can't drive cars, in this made up country. They can't leave their home without blankets covering all their skin, when their man says they can. 

Two thousand men in dresses enslave a whole country, yet much of the world does not care a whit. Certainly not U.S. politicians, the Republi-Crats who created and sustain the monsters called Saudi.

We, the Herb Folks Nation call bullshit on haters, all haters everywhere. Saudi Arabia is at the top of our list of evil empires, whose day is done. Its just a matter of time. Of the three flat world religions, the one calling itself Islam, is as bad as it gets. The “people of the book” better repent, before its too late; the One True God, our Creator, is not amused with any of them.

They can't feed themselves.

They don't have enough water.

All they have is the oil. Perhaps they should eat their oil and we should keep our jet planes porno and food. The world would be better off.


Saudi land purchases fuel debate over US water rights

Associated Press
11:50 PM, Mar 27, 2016
For decades, Saudi Arabia attempted to grow its own water-intensive crops for food rather than rely on farms abroad. But it reversed that policy about eight years ago to protect scarce supplies.


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