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Slave Ownership Was Once As Entrenched in America As Gun Ownership Is Now. We Can Change.

by Rebecca Onion

Historical parallelism is a dangerous game. But in the days after the shootings in Orlando, Florida, as we fall into another cycle of fretting over our continued inability to pass effective gun control laws, I’ve found myself thinking about the steep odds abolitionists faced in the years before the Civil War ended slavery. That social movement wrestled with entrenched public opinion and powerful monied interests, and eventually won. Is there anything to be learned from their success?


Abolitionists and anti-slavery politicians made the point that the Constitution did not protect slavery. They made that case. So activists now should make the case that the Second Amendment is not applicable to a country where you don’t need a militia of armed adult white men, as it was described in the Militia Act of 1792.

The reason why the Second Amendment is in the Constitution is because it was against the British Army, the standing army of the British Empire, that the American colonists raised their own army and fought for independence. A standing army was seen as a sign of corruption in a republic, that would actually lead to infringing on the rights of citizens. But we’ve had a standing army since the 19th century. And to use the Second Amendment now [to protect gun ownership] is completely ahistorical.

Source: Slave Ownership Was Once As Entrenched in America As Gun Ownership Is Now. We Can Change.

HFN editors note: There is no god given right to own a weapon that kills like this. Only evil motherfucking demons want any and everyone to have a machine gun. Fuck you, take your AK and shove it up your ass, stupid motherfucking republicRats.

God ain’t on your side, nobody is amused with your 2nd Amendment shit.

Like Trump, you are not serious people; your god is a dangerous fairy tale, for all of us, fuck you very much.

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