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Space Buckets

A Space Bucket is a DIY indoor garden that is made by stacking plastic containers alongisde lighting (CFL or LED) and airflow (PC or other fans). It is an enclosed growth chamber that can be used to garden many kinds of plants. A Space Bucket is a versatile gardening tool that can be adapted to the users needs. Every variable of the bucket environment can be tweaked and upgraded at any time. For example, some plants require more light intensity than others, or different humidity conditions.

Space Buckets is also a movement of gardeners, a community of botanically inclined individual who like to grow plants indoors and share information freely. The SB subreddit is our main forum, and t his website is its companion. Bucketeers are open, friendly and thorough, as the manifesto states.

A Space Bucket can be used very effectively for cannabis cultivation, but that is not its only function. All plants enjoy the bucket garden, specially herbs (basil, chives, thyme, rosemary, mint and more( and fruits like cherry tomatoes and hot peppers. Bucket plant experimentation is encouraged! Why not some SB avocados, succulents or potatoes?

New Berliner Burnin'

I am an adult herb lover who craves peace.

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