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Still, fewer pages than Hillary

Judge orders Goldsmith to turn over thousands of emails
By Dorian Hargrove, March 15, 2015

Over the years, Goldsmith has fallen in line with the recommendations from the league; namely, in opposition to the proliferation of both recreational and medicinal use of marijuana as well as the tight controls that the state has imposed on the use of revenues from the former redevelopment tax. In both cases, Goldsmith has devoted an abundance of city resources in an attempt to shape city policy.

Attorneys for Goldsmith have tried to keep the related emails from seeing the light of day.

Source: Still, fewer pages than Hillary San Diego Reader

totally related: San Diego’s leading medical marijuana activist group, Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access, celebrated its first anniversary this week.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith dropped by the celebration to give his support for the group’s efforts to legitimize the medicinal marijuana industry in San Diego.

ARMA is who? Exactly. This fluff piece does not say who they are. Suffice it to say they are not representative of anyone except the government who directs them.

2 Medical Marijuana? Cannabis. Activists? Weed Merchants, lawyer-liars, lackeys and spies. They represent the interests of big biz, big gov’t, and a few opportunists like Welty.

3 CIty Attorney Jan? He is much smarter than he acts. He can’t find Welty and Beresh, or his ass with both hands. But he can find his way over to congratulate his crew “ARMA”. The chump can’t find his way over to 936 Garnet, or 3636 University, but he can find little Eugene's Merchant Association, whenever he needs to. I wonder why Davidovich called this meeting, really?


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