In the early morning hours of June 12, 1950, Mar n Luther King and some friends stopped at a local bar for a drink. When King tried to order beer, the bar owner refused to serve him and his friends, threw them out, and fired a gun into the air. According to the police report, the bartender “willfully refuse(d) to serve beverag- es of any kind, used profane and obscene language, and in mida on by weapon to (King and his friends).” The bar owner said they were turned away because he didn’t want to violate a law prohibi ng the sale of alcohol on Sunday. King said they were turned away because of their race and reported it to the police. Even though the incident took place long before King became a civil rights leader, the incident is known as a pivotal moment in the forma on of the movement. Hear from a local historian about the incident, learn more about how it propelled King into the civil rights movement and whether anything has changed since the 1950s.


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