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The Day I Met Jack

It was on my birthday, the day Daya Mata was born, when I "randomly" dropped by Andrew's herb shop in WEHO....

January 31, 2006

I was on a road trip for my web site, doing reviews of medical marijuana shops, workin' hard I might add...

So I dropped into Andrew's herb shop on Sunset, with the big glowing herb leaf in the window, to say high and get some herb. I was waived in and saw Jack holding court, signing his book the Emperor Has No Clothes, and I kneeled down to shake his hand. He was seated, with Roland Dube at his side standing by like the faithful servant he was. Nobody needed to introduce me, Jack's face fucking glowed like Christ I kid you not. His smile was infectious. Even then, after he'd had a stroke or two, his handshake was like steel, combined with his quick smile, he put you at ease instantly.

Om Out, Dale @ the HFN

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