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The Relative Merits Of Medicine From Two Plants: The Willow Tree & The Magic Plant Cannabis

Medicine from a plant! Damn, what a concept!

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Aspirin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The active ingredient of Aspirin was first discovered from the bark of the willow tree in 1763 by Edward Stone of Wadham College, Oxford University. He had discovered salicylic acid, the active metabolite of aspirin.

Systematic (IUPAC) name

from the herb folks @ the Hut

for more information (historical, philosophical, and comparative), about theholyherb cannabis, as medicine, the most wonderful plant the Creator ever made, visit The HerbFolksNation family of websites.

You see, grasshopper, its perfect, the magic plant we use as medicine, sacrament, for fuel, food, and clothing! Aspirin is cool but our most holy herb is fantastic beyond our wildest dreams. Give Thanks with us, join in the chorus. Make a joyful noise unto Her, the Creator who made us and sustains us.
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