War, what’s it good for? Absolutely nothin!

What business are we in? This is the question we must ask ourselves.

73 % of Americans believe in the Virgin birth, even though it’s silly.

Teach your children peace, and leave that Armageddon crap alone, it stinks to high heaven.

If God is, what we think “he” is, all powerful and knowing, why does he have to do a magic trick, why is a parlor game essential to “his story”, isn’t “normal birth” magical enough?

Source: the united states of football guns & jesus – HerbFolks.org

Jesus wants you to have an AK – General Boykin US Army

Christian Soldier Guns: We Are Not Making This Up!

Guns, Jesus and the Supply Chain

Do they actually believe this nonsense, that ‘the Prince Of Peace’ wants you to kill for Christ? Some do, but most of them, if you speak with them earnestly about it, don’t know much about their own religion, much less their enemies religions, they are just go-along-to-get-along idiots who take the killing business for granted. Blindly.

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