equal application of law?

Timeline: Medical Marijuana in San Diego | NBC 7 San Diego

A look at the 17 years in San Diego since Prop 215 was passed.

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May 14, 2001 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled there was no medical exception to federal marijuana laws meaning that it was still illegal to sell or distribute the drug even when state laws, like those in California, allow it.

via Timeline: Medical Marijuana in San Diego | NBC 7 San Diego.

HFN editor's note: yet state law says we can use cannabis as medicinethe local po po have ignored state law, including Senate Bill 420, allowing only friends of Bonnie and other scum in high places, to sell "weed" as medicine openly, making them very rich. Rich enough to afford 120k fines like it was nothin' (John Nobel, Randy Welty, et all, of Green Earth cum Planet Greens infamy), with Kim Twolan's Mother Earth Franchise leading the pack. They are like wild dogs protecting their catch, greedily gorging on the misery of the rest of us.

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