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Todd Gloria’s Transparent Scam: “What Mother Earth, What Planet Greens” (KPBS video)

"Collectives are not legal, but certainly they are operating in our city". 2 minutes into this FRESH interview with INTERIM MAYOR Gloria, he gives away the scam. LISTEN UP grasshoppers!
Todd Gloria, admitting the city favors some WEED SELLERS, like Kim Twolan of Mother Earth infamy. Not to be confused with Bob Reidel's franchise, Kim and Thor run the ORIGINAL Mother Earth, sponsored by city Council-Crook Marti Emerald, via the Medical Marijuana Task Force (circa 2009). Marti Emerald PLACED KIM ON THE MMTF KNOWING SHE'S BEEN LICENSED by the city of San Diego to sell medical marijuana since 2005.
This, folks, is Unequal Application of Law in violation of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. constitution. Similar to the way they "look the other way" when the FEDS close one blessed franchise (Garnet Greens) and replace it one month later with another, Planet Greens (at 936 Garnet, 92109). San Diego is morally bankrupt, corrupt to the bone.
Where are the ARMY of NORML lawyers, and the ASA Legal teams on THIS CENTRAL ISSUE?  Making bank off their "clients", that's where they are.
While we pay too much for untested "meds"... click here for the real herb news in Tienamen-On-Mission-Bay

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