In all seriousness, wtf IS legal, and safe, herb-wise?

Update since this was written 🌲 guns 💲 👮busted!!!!!!!!! POSTED 5:20 PM, MARCH 15, 2018, BY CITY NEWS SERVICE AND FOX 5 DIGITAL TEAM, UPDATED AT 05:23PM, MARCH 15, 2018

Why is San Diego Cannabis so expensive and hard to obtain, for the average bear?

We are the 7th largest city, population-wise, and one of the largest counties, size-wise, so wtf is up in this garrison town, built on warmongering. It’s fortified with Republic-Rat voters, and hicks from all over the nation who come here for work after they’ve retired from the war making business (retired military).

Quite a contrast with the fact San Diego has the most PHDs per square mile than anywhere else in the world, perhaps besides the Greater Boston area. Smart people with great jobs mixed in with undereducated mercenaries, some still call it New Berlin!

$$$$$$ !

Truly Greens review from
my visit on March 1, 2018

Pacific Beach ?
Naw this place is too expensive. There are other issues but weedmaps and or the herb shop itself will nuke this review. Why? It’s business.
Bad business in my opinion.

Their weak ass response after a few days👁
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So the question remains: are these mofos
How would an herb lover know?


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