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Voters reject marijuana store fronts | The Coast News

Ballot initiatives to allow marijuana dispensaries in Encinitas and La Mesa are soundly defeated by voters.

via Voters reject marijuana store fronts | The Coast News.

HFN editor's note

Encinitas is actually a conservative city, much like Santa Cruz, in that they cultivate a laid back its all cool image, yet they are NIMBY's when it comes to the harmless plant cannabis. But its here anyway, in the form of DELIVERY services and storefronts 20 or 30 minutes drive each way, in mostly shady parts of the county. This is not compassionate, a la proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420. Its about the green (MONEY), in practice. The wild west continues, read the SD Reader, CItyBeat, or just type in weedmaps dot com. Its NORML, by design, they make big money for a few, and the lawyers who serve them.

Many of you may know Mr. Chipman. He is an anti marijuana crusader. We believe he is evil, an agent of the government's dark side, he definitely does not represent the average San Diegan.

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