Saudi Arabia, The Vermin State

its not just Saudi Arabia, the made up country based in Islam. The religion itself is stolen in part from the Jews. Like Christianity, its roots are from a time when the world was flat. One bullshit fairy tale after another, Judaism-Christianity-Islam are bound together by history, one to another.

Islam was founded by a warrior, killer, why won’t folks be honest about it? This is not racist, its history. The Saudi family put in power by the “west”, is now defunct. Saudi Arabia is not a country it’s a business steeped in Wahhabism. It needs to be outed, shamed off the world stage, into the dustbin of time.

All three lifestyles posing as “religion”, Islam, Judaism & Christianity are progeny of Moses; scholars agree Moses did not exist.

Let that sink in. Only whack jobs, simpletons really, accept the Abrahamic religions at face value.

The rest of us are baffled. Do you actually believe this crap, your bogus rationale for killing everyone who doesn’t buy your cockamamie version of religious fairy tale, flatworlders, or is it as I’ve long suspected, you just don’t give a fuck about anyone but “your own kind”.

Flatworlders, Trump is your king now, let’s see how this works out for you.

Source: Women Of The Blanket, Islams Tragedy –

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